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Karkat color sketch by AmericanBlackSerpent Karkat color sketch :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 1 0 Twisted up Lusus by AmericanBlackSerpent Twisted up Lusus :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 1 0 Letting Off Steam by AmericanBlackSerpent Letting Off Steam :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 1 0 Bat-Fox Lusus by AmericanBlackSerpent Bat-Fox Lusus :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 3 0 4/13 Cosplaying: All About The Buzz. by AmericanBlackSerpent 4/13 Cosplaying: All About The Buzz. :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 1 0 4/13 Cosplaying: MOAR CANDLE-SHOPPING MADNESS! by AmericanBlackSerpent 4/13 Cosplaying: MOAR CANDLE-SHOPPING MADNESS! :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 1 0 4/13 Cosplaying: Candle Shopping Strife! by AmericanBlackSerpent 4/13 Cosplaying: Candle Shopping Strife! :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 3 0 4/13 Cosplaying: Candle Shopping (sniffing) by AmericanBlackSerpent 4/13 Cosplaying: Candle Shopping (sniffing) :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 1 0 4/13 Cosplaying: Messing With Jake English by AmericanBlackSerpent 4/13 Cosplaying: Messing With Jake English :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 1 3
HOMESTUCK AU EARTH: Trolls x Reader (chapter 5)
The old Time Clock in the room clicks loudly in excitement to your time card  being inserted into it's slot, a sign that your time off of work has officially ended. Normally, a close shave in your perfect punctuality would harass your subconscious in a endless onslaught of guilt, but tonight, it was not even given a second thought. The scares you've had in the past 48 hours still weigh heavy on your mind, as well as the lack of sleep you got from the horrid nightmarish scenarios that play in a annoying loop coupled with the undying paranoia that the hostile figure may return and break in again. No doubt, the past couple days have been anything but a smooth ride and they are really starting to chip away at your stamina, but still, work is priority. Dragging yourself to the task list, you manage to find one positive thought: “At least the, She-Witch isn't here still.” She hasn't attended work the past few days but you don't fret over that. The more days off she takes,
:iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 2 2
Dragon sun tan! by AmericanBlackSerpent Dragon sun tan! :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 9 8 An Ancestor's Unfortunate End. by AmericanBlackSerpent An Ancestor's Unfortunate End. :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 19 0 A Troll Gal and her Lusus by AmericanBlackSerpent A Troll Gal and her Lusus :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 25 4 Oh My Gawd! A Spider! by AmericanBlackSerpent Oh My Gawd! A Spider! :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 26 6 I'm Warning You...! by AmericanBlackSerpent I'm Warning You...! :iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 7 20
HOMESTUCK AU EARTH: Trolls x Reader (chapter 4)
Clearing the crusty sleep from your eyes after having awaken from your 4 hour nap not too long ago, you place the last paperweight planet in it's rightful place after giving it a thorough cleaning, a exhausted yet fulfilled yawn to soon follow. Still mildly tired, but not as bad as you were this morning, and you have quite some time to kill between now and your next midnight shift, which, taking into account that you have the night off tonight, is a full 24 hours away. You take a final look at your collection's orders before giving a satisfactory nod. Now that you have organized your collection, you take a glance at one of your charts, looking to see if there are any spectacular space phenomenon you could bare witness to today. Nothing. Not even a satellite passing. Well that pretty much clears up your whole day. No need to do research, no need to set up your camera, no need for endless scribbles on notepad paper. You lean on your desk, pondering what you could do to pass the time b
:iconamericanblackserpent:AmericanBlackSerpent 2 2


White dragon - free giveaway by AlviaAlcedo White dragon - free giveaway :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 987 24 whale by aerroscape whale :iconaerroscape:aerroscape 558 20 Eridan by Brimms Eridan :iconbrimms:Brimms 73 1 Vriska by Brimms Vriska :iconbrimms:Brimms 54 1 Tavros by Brimms Tavros :iconbrimms:Brimms 65 4 Equius by Brimms Equius :iconbrimms:Brimms 56 7 Nepeta by Brimms Nepeta :iconbrimms:Brimms 81 16 Gamzee by Brimms Gamzee :iconbrimms:Brimms 52 12 Aradia by Brimms Aradia :iconbrimms:Brimms 60 4 Karkat by Brimms Karkat :iconbrimms:Brimms 99 8 Terezi by Brimms Terezi :iconbrimms:Brimms 81 8 Kanaya by Brimms Kanaya :iconbrimms:Brimms 68 6 Kids Heights by ikimaru-art Kids Heights :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 344 15 Inapporpriate Snapchat by ikimaru-art Inapporpriate Snapchat :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 268 13 Blue air dragon by AlviaAlcedo Blue air dragon :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 1,294 32 the baes by ikimaru-art the baes :iconikimaru-art:ikimaru-art 353 9



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And now, for some fun stamps!

I am a dragon by invisibledecoy America, FUCK YEAH -stamp- by Imalou Stamp: American Patriotism by 8manderz8 American Idiot  Stamp by Rowz-vamp glub glub by Dametora Patriot Stamp by LeeAnneKortus Yet Another Homestuck Stamp by AlClair Another Alternate Stamp by Dametora bluh bluh by Janbearpig SH1TTY ST4MP by Dametora victory by Janbearpig sm00ch my bl00dy, gummy m0uth by Janbearpig Nak Stamp by tombstone SN1FF M7 N00K H4H4H4H4HS4KLJDKL by Dametora Stamp: Kankri by Shendijiro Stamp: Porrim by Shendijiro Teal Hunter by UsagiGami Jade Mother by UsagiGami Gold Pilot by UsagiGami Dexter Laboratory Stamp by dn-revenge Mambostuck John by UsagiGami Indigo Archer by UsagiGami Iron Infidel by UsagiGami Mambostuck Kanaya by UsagiGami Mambostuck Sollux by UsagiGami Mambostuck Terezi by UsagiGami Mambostuck Dave by UsagiGami Mambostuck Alpha Kids by UsagiGami Mambostuck Nepeta by UsagiGami
I love Homestuck stamp by PrincessCillerenda Karkat Stamp AWAYFROMEEEE by ToxicKhroeger Homestuck Trolls fanstamp by KirigamiRiguya Stamp: Tavros by Shendijiro Stamp: Karkat by Shendijiro Stamp: Gamzee by Shendijiro Stamp: Sollux by Shendijiro Zim stamp by vivianit11 Dib FFFFF Stamp by Metros2soul Stamp: Equius by Shendijiro Dib Doin' Stuff Stamp by Zim-Shady Stamp: Nepeta by Shendijiro Doom Stamp by WindWo1f Stamp contest: Homestuck stamp by ZombiedevilXD Invader Zim's GIR Stamp by dn-revenge Moon Sign Cancer v4 by OwletJessa555 Homestuck stamp by ParamourxLights Stamp: Terezi by Shendijiro Sagittarius Stamp by mylastel New Invader Zim Logo Stamp by Fruitsi :thumb436421668: Fireworks by i-stamp 4th of July stamp by SF-Production I love Bald Eagles by WishmasterAlchemist Nickelback Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Bird Stamp by WetWithRain Whale Stamp by WetWithRain If Everyone Cared Stamp by zafara1222 I love Orcas by WishmasterAlchemist I love Blue Whales by WishmasterAlchemist I love Dolphins by WishmasterAlchemist #628 Braviary by Otto-V I love Whales by WishmasterAlchemist Commerson's dolphin stamp by Felizz I love Snakes by WishmasterAlchemist Talonflame Stamp2 by Okami-Norino I love Boa Constrictors by WishmasterAlchemist I love Green Anacondas by WishmasterAlchemist Space... Stamp by OrigamiNinja41 I love King Cobras by WishmasterAlchemist Staraptor stamp by Jontukka I love Harpy Eagles by WishmasterAlchemist I love Scarlet Macaws by WishmasterAlchemist I love Eagles by WishmasterAlchemist Kyogre Fan Button by VonKellcsiis I love Falcons by WishmasterAlchemist I love Birds of Prey by WishmasterAlchemist Birdies. by Monster-Boar Dialga Fan Button by VonKellcsiis Animal lover. by Monster-Boar Rayquaza by Marlenesstamps 157 - Typhlosion by PokeStampsDex Scalie Stamp by AESD Verticality by Kyuzeth Scale Stamp by AeroGuardian 336 - Seviper by Marlenesstamps Autistic Furry Stamp by GaneneTheDefendra I'm Autistic And I'm Proud Stamp by srbarker Bad handwriting -Stamp- by xxkeikochanxx Hetalia animation stamp by Naru-Nisa Hetalia Stamp-Switzerland by Tyley-Brittany Hetalia Pairing stamp by Madninja2500 AP Hetalia - USA by tsu-bame Stamp: Respect by Jammerlee Here There Be Dragons by StaciTaylor Wolves by dogmaster4 Nom Nom by Mr-Stamp You are loved (Stamp) by edupes Furry by Shulky DA Stamp - Fursuits 01 by tppgraphics Cosplay stamp by HappyStamp Soul Eater - Stamp by Kizushik I love anime stamp by vero-g6-stamps Fishing by TheArtOfNotLikingYou salazzle stamp by saturnvalley - Stamp: Swimming Pool. - by ChicaTH Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass by Wookiesarebetter I Love Stars- stamp by AlbinoSeaTurtle Salazzle stamp by xXPoisonous2000Xx yell heah by Squids-Stamps F.O.B fan :stamp: by ellstar22 Meat over sweets stamp by UszatyArbuz Cheese by Emme2589 2P!America sings like Patrick Stump(?) by ChokorettoMilku APH: 2P!USA Stamp by kamillyanna Country Music Stamp by Demonic-Pokeyfruit I Love Water Stamp by RustyFanatic05 Universe Stamp by Kezzi-Rose 23 by winterstamps Yummy Meat by TheMorbidHobbiest Meat Love Stamp by kittizak Extrovert Stamp by popstck Sagittarius Stamp by SparkLum Extrovert Artist Stamp by PIXANEFOREVER Cheese Stamp by FluffyFerret97 Thunder is my Lullaby Stamp by NatakuXeden stamp | I have O.H.D by levellove Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere by Starribunni Starri starri by Starribunni Moon Light by AngelsOfEmpathy I Love Space stamp by SpiritInSpace Owl City Stamp by Dekaff Vanilla Twilight Stamp by rebelnijamaster Outer Space by Mellow-Stamps Space Stamp by Brainmatters



Karkat color sketch
Moar color sketch madness! Geezuz I am in the mood for sketching like crazy! Took probably less than a half hour for this one...just like the rest of the color sketches.
Twisted up Lusus
Uh oh! Uh oh! What may this be????? Oh nothing special really.....just a little Lusus reveal. >8} Again...drawn in a little style I am trying........and I like it!
Letting Off Steam
Goodness me! I think I like this new color sketch thing I took on! Yes it is a very attractive style I have going on if I do say so myself. Not refined? Sure sure...but that is what I like about it!

Oh noes....Xydon is in a pissy mood again. Ugh..well...what can I really say for this grumpy gal? She's hard to please.
Bat-Fox Lusus
Just trying a new sketch technique here, where I use a choice colored pencil instead of a pencil! :D This is a friend's fan lusus I drew, so the rights to this character design belongs to :iconcanidaetrot:

Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this new idea! :D
4/13 Cosplaying: All About The Buzz.
One of the few ad2 ii'll ever care about.

H3H3H3H3H3.... >:]


May get a better photo soon!

Sollux Cosplayer: :iconcanidaetrot:

Terezi Cosplayer: Myself. >;]


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This not really a donation for any cause, this is more of a tip jar. This tip jar is mainly for those who request any work from me. Though my requests that I fill are absolutely free, POINT TIPS ARE OPTIONAL AND OF COURSE APPRECIATED! Thanks! :)

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Okie, time to answer some questions!

1. Do you get a thought of about your choices, life style, and yourself? (like doing something and this thought come out of the blue)

Sometimes I do, but I am actually pretty content with my life right now. Granted, it has its ups and downs, but I can always come out, victorious through the hard times!

2.  How would you feel if you would able to travel beyond earth?

Excited yet nervous at the same time! Space is beautiful and there's nothing more breath-taking than peering into the black void with all the colorful nebulas, supernovas and other breath-taking phenomenons that happen in the heavens! It's a humbling place that shows you how insignificant and small you really are on that lone pale blue planet we call, earth! It also represents the many many endless wonders and limitless possibilities of what could be out there, hiding in all that mysterious inky blackness, just waiting for us to discover! When it comes to space, there's so much in a whole bunch of nothing! However i'd be nervous because space travel isn't exactly good for your body, and accomodations and living arrangements are not the most comfortable, plus I love my home planet a lot and don't want to have to leave it forever! D: Accidents can happen, after all!

3.  If you saw someone or something that are getting beat up, What would you do? (Stand up or bystander)

I would DEFINITELY stand up! But before I do, I would evaluate the situation and make sure I am not misunderstanding anything here before I go and help clean the bullie's clock!

4.  Have you been to the Holocaust museum? (there is a strikingly similar scene in game, "little nightmare." let see if anyone notices it)

I have not but I would like to go to one sometime!

5.  Any powers given to you but it will risk one of your five senses, touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste.

Hmmm........I guess if I were to have any powers, definitely shape-shifting! And as for what of the 5 senses I am willing to sacrifice, probably touch.

6.  what is your favorite music? or genre?

Aw man, I don't even know, my tastes in music are all over the place! I guess if this helps any, I can list down my top 3 favorite bands!
1. Fallout Boy
2. Owl City
3. Florida-Georgia Line

7.  If you have this ability of seeing other entities that the norm cannot see, how would you done with your ability?

Okay, this question is a tad confusing....but I will try to answer the best I can......first off....probably not tell anyone that I can see ghosts, because of course, people are gonna assume you're crazy so it's best to keep a taboo power like that, to yourself. Secondly, I would talk to them and treat them like normal people of course!

8.  Does music evoke emotions and ideas to product artworks?

Hell yes it does! Owl City is the product of some of my more beautiful pieces!

9.  Do you have a nickname?

Sometimes people call me Snake, or Trouble. >B]

10.  How would you feel if you encounter face to face with one of your fears?

I do every time I need blood drawn. D: Luckily, doesn't happen too often though.

11.  Do you have characters based on your traits and personalities?

All of my OC's have a little bit of me in them! :D

12.  What do you do with your free times?

I like to Draw, Role-Play, Fish, catch snakes, Swim, hang out with friends, watch movies.

At last one more question! You are done!


13.  what experience in your life or someone told you that left you clueless and speechless?

I will kick this question off with a little bit about myself in my likes and dislikes: Atheists, they're not my favorite people. I've seen and heard of so many different kinds of stories of those people causing other people trouble and purposely going out of their way to ostracize those who have a belief and they can be really brutal, and that's not cool. But another type of person I dislike even more: EXTREME VEGANS! Do not even get me started on those guys. Again, I've heard and seen so many examples of those guys that leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially the "scientific explanations" for why we were only made to eat plants and all that, and will force their lifestyle upon others for the sake of their agendas and will harrass and bully you for it if you don't bite. They even have vegetarian diets for cats and dogs and that's just.......WHAT THE FUCK!!! I believe in freedom to live your life the way you choose more than anything without the persecution of others and these two kinds of people are whom I have seen infringe on that specific right and what REALLY gets to me, is that they seem to both be the types to where they think their way of life is the best way of life. It's a arrogance I cant stomach. to get to the question....a few summers ago, I went on Vacation with my father and step mom to a place in the Upper Penninsula in Michigan called Drummond Island. Beautiful place, low population, it was a fisherwoman's dream! As well as any woods person! We had a cabin and of course, cabin neighbors.....and our neighbors.....were Vegan Atheists! In my mind....I was all....."Oh hell no....." but when I got to know them.....sweetest people ever!!!!! I fished on the dock with their son, shared a tube of vegan jelly beans with them, and had a bonfire with them every night under the stars with the whole family, telling stories of all kinds! In the end, I didn't mind they were Plant-eating atheists, and they didn't mind I was a Meat-eating catholic! What I loved, is how we may have come from two totally different worlds, but we put aside our differences and we enjoyed each other's company to the end of my VK! There ain't a single day where I don't miss that family and their kids! I had the time of my life with them!

From this experience I learned something: Not all people are poisoned with hate and that it's still possible in this mixed up world of ours for people whom are completely different from one another, to put aside their differences and can get along with each other like best friends!



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